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Welcome to Rewarding Dogs

Specialists in dealing with your dog's problem behaviour

Has your dog's behaviour got out of hand or beyond your control?
Would your life be made easier by having a pet that is well behaved?
Does your dog show any of the following:

Ignoring you
General disobedience
Jumping up
Mouthing or nipping
Biting or aggression towards people
Aggression to dogs
Not returning when called
Destructive behaviour when left at home
Excessive howling or barking
Unwanted chewing
Nervousness or fear
Over excitability/hyperactivity
Chasing animals
House training problems
Chasing people, bikes or cars



If you can't leave your dog at home for fear of destructive behaviour/barking or messing while you are out; if you are unpopular with the neighbours because of your pet's unwanted behaviour or have experienced a worried moment when you thought your dog might injure someone because of its aggression; or you just want your social life and sanity back, Rewarding Dogs can help.

The right start for your new puppy...

These difficulties can be avoided if you have a puppy consultation when your new friend is between 4 and 9 months old. Mike can give you guidelines to suit your puppy's individual character and temperament. Potential problems can be identified and you learn how to deal with them before they develop.
Prevention is better, cheaper and easier than cure.

Dog called Cosmo, link for Cosmo testimonial
' If you are reading this wondering whether or not to book a session with Mike - I say go for it, you won't look back - other than with relief that you did. '

Yvonne R.
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